Purrfect Fundraisers

Purrfect Fundraisers is non-funded organization that helps kittens all over the community strictly based on volunteering and donations. We’re hoping to someday expand our services but that won’t be possible without a strong community and endless support!


Purrfect Portraits is our first small fundraiser-based-business project inspired by and run for the countless kittens that need loving homes. It is ran by the Purrfect Haven Cat Rescue's Fundraiser Team entirely made up of purely passionate volunteers!

We are a small organization working hard to capture memories for you and your fur-family while simultaneously fundraising to help our co-organization Purrfect Haven.
We will be hosting events, making merchandise, and customized goodies all through fundraising!

We're here to let you know about the many kitties out there who need a lot of Tender Love, and Care! Through our fundraisers we hope to spread this message and make a real impact on not just the lives of kittens all around, but the people we get the chance to work with as well.


YOU could be the one that makes sure our kitten friends are always feline well!

There are sadly many wonderful personalities out there in clawful condition that are just wishing for cuddles, butt rubs, and head massages. We can assure you that your support will create better lives for these lovely kittens.

**Please stick around and help our team by making a contribution any way you can!
Help us make sure we put an end to pawverty once and fur-all! No more mew-sery for our friends!
Continue furrward and look around!






London, ON Based

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