Adopting A Kitten: The Process

Adding a new fluffy member to your family is very exciting, fun, and a great bonding experience...however, choosing to become a fur-parent is also a HUGE responsibility. It'll take time, energy, and patience, so if you're ready to provide all of those to your new family member(s), please keep reading!


We'll walk you through Purrfect Haven's Adoption Agreement and the process of adopting; it is important you read all of what is below and understand very well the responsibilities that come with being a pet owner, ESPECIALLY if you are choosing to rescue.

All of the kittens here with Purrfect Haven are a wonderful addition to your family, however, Purrfect Haven's goal is to make sure these kittens go to the absolute best homes for them to thrive in. In order to ensure this will happen, you must be one hundred percent ready to care for these kittens the way we see fit for them to remain healthy.

There are a couple steps in the process before you are given the agreement. First, if you are interested, either in a certain cat or just in adopting in general, you must fill out an Adoption Application. Filling this out just helps us organize your adoption, contact you easier, and have you on file in order to help you in the future for any reason. We recommend you also sign up in order to stay involved. This is all part of a successful adoption process!

Once you've understood everything below, you are welcome to finish an application if interested and we will get back to you as soon as possible in order to proceed with the adoption!




  1. Complete ownership for your new family member

  2. A goodie bag to take home with your kitten on us to help you get started

  3. Your own copy of the agreement + (IF there is) all previous medical documents for your kitten

  4. A TWO WEEK TRIAL PERIOD to test the waters with the adoption, if the environment is inappropriate for any reason, we will accept the kitten back and return your adoption fee

  5. ​Spay/Neuter is covered by us​

If the two week trial period has passed and you still wish to return your kitten, we will take the kitten back into foster if there is an available foster home, however your fee will be considered a donation.



  1. ​"Cat Proof" your home so your furbaby is living in a safe and friendly environment

  2. Provide an Adoption Fee of $170.00 CAD for a kitten (11 months and under)

  3. Provide an Adoption Fee of $150.00 CAD for a cat (12 months and older)

  4. DO NOT declaw or mutilate our kittens/cats in ANY way after adoption

  5. Vet Visit ASAP when you bring your new kitten home (begin booster process)

  6. Be ready and willing to provide EMERGENCY care to your kitten/cat when and if required

  7.  If you are going away and cannot take your pet with you, or you become ill and hospitalized, you will have a well thought out PLAN for them to ensure their good health

  8. If re-homing your kitten becomes necessary, let us know FIRST, we will assist the process and re-foster the kitten until it finds a good home

The Adoption Agreement you will receive once you are ready to adopt will include all of the above with even more detail. REMEMBER: This is an agreement you will have to sign between you and Purrfect Haven. You must be truthful, this is a contract.

Taking care of a furbaby is very rewarding and always worth the responsibility that comes with it.

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